Heiress Without a Cause – 4 Stars from Romantic Times

I won’t admit that I’m scouring the web looking for reviews (bad author), but I had to share: I just found out that Heiress Without a Cause¬†earned a 4-star review from RT! (RT = Romantic Times, for those of you who aren’t avid industry followers).

I won’t post the entire review yet since I’m not sure what’s fair use to post, but I will give you this tantalizing quote: “Book one of the Muses of Mayfair begins a promising new series with tales of artistic women who must perform their vocations as males.”

And I’ll show you the stars, which is more exciting:¬†RT Rating

Since today is Heiress‘s official release day, this is thrilling news. Thanks, RT, for the stars!

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