Can you say ‘Наследница без причины’?

I’m thrilled to report that we’ve sold the Russian translation rights to Heiress Without a Cause and Scotsmen Prefer Blondes! The Google translation of Heiress Without a Cause is “Наследница без причины” – but I’m sure the Russian publisher will change the title to something sexier (or, at least, more carefully translated).

I have no idea when the books will be available in the Russian market, but I’m super excited. I lived in Ukraine for a year when I was twelve (which is not Russia, I know; someone would shank me if I claimed they were the same country), and I studied a lot of Russian history in college, so Slavic culture is near and dear to my (slightly dark) heart. It seems so fitting that the first translations rights would be sold in Russia. And my friends have already feted me with vodka and other Russian delights, so the celebration has begun.

I’ll post the covers when/if I ever see them. Fingers crossed that these books will be available in more markets soon!

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