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Tuesday teaser: a bit of Lady Christabel

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I will probably regret doing this, but I’m going to see how well I like (or loathe) posting a snippet of a work-in-progress every Tuesday. This will continue until I tire of it, or until I can’t bear to put rough preliminary sentences out on the web for all and sundry to see.

Also, CAVEAT: anything posted here is subject to change. I change major plot points up until the very final draft, and minor characters’ names can change on a whim. So, don’t get too wedded to anything I post here, since it may never show up in the final draft.

Now that I’ve caveated you to death, here’s a snippet of something I’m playing around with – a (potentially serialized) first-person Regency starring Lady Christabel Claiborne, who was a secondary character in THE MARQUESS WHO LOVED ME. Enjoy!


Before I begin, I want you to know…I never thought to make a scandal of myself. Never even dreamt of it, all those years I spent in my mother’s house. I was immured like a nun, counting the hours between breakfast, supper, and bed as regularly as one might arrange the prayers in a cathedral.

But when I met Sebastian Staunton, I was lost.

I suppose, dear Reader, that you wouldn’t understand my fascination with Mr. Staunton. He was a middling sort of man, possessed of middling brown hair, middling brown eyes, and the middling fortune expected of a second son. I’d heard the rumors of his reputation, of course — the only thing that wasn’t middling about him. Still, even with that warning I failed to notice the hidden spark in his eyes. I failed to notice the powerful body he hid under his proper evening suit. I failed to notice the keen way in which he observed me, as though I were a potential threat and not a middling sort of woman myself.

I, like everyone else in his life, underestimated him. I saw the rake he intended for me to see. But if I may be allowed to defend my former naivete, I wasn’t looking for seduction. I didn’t anticipate that he presented any danger to me at all.

If I had known, that night in my sister-in-law’s ballroom, just where Sebastian Staunton would take me — or the methods he would use to deliver me there — perhaps I would have succumbed to a fit of vapors. That’s a lie, of course. I’ve never been ladylike enough for vapors. But perhaps — perhaps I would have reconsidered. Perhaps I would have stayed away from him, stayed safe in Sussex until my skin turned to paper and my bones brittled, until all hope of another life was just a wisp of fog in my age-dulled mind.


That night, though, Sebastian Staunton interested me greatly, and for only one reason.

Mr. Staunton possessed a ship. And I would do anything, promise anything, become anything, for the chance to run away on it.


  1. Azalia Marquez says:

    Yes, please write their story!!!! Funny, that whenever I read about Sebastain I never thought him to be middling!! I love your books! Thank You Sara!

    Azalia 😍

    • Sara Ramsey says:

      Azalia, so sorry I didn’t see this until now – I clearly need to get better watching for comments on my own blog. But I really appreciate that you took the time to stop by! I’ll definitely write Christabel and Sebastian someday, but whether it’s the next book, or even whether it’s in the style I used above, still remains to be seen :)

  2. Mimi Grenville says:

    I’m coming late to the ball. Someone on Eloisa James’s thread mentioned your books and I immediately bought and read them. That’s the up and downside if a Nook. I’m impatiently waiting for Prudence’s, Lucia’s and Christabel’s stories.
    I hope you do any of them in first person. That only gives one POV, and doesn’t bring the reader into the story as well as knowing what both characters are thinking. Just my opinion!!

    • Sara Ramsey says:

      Mimi, you are welcome to the ball anytime :) So thrilled that you found my books – I really appreciate it.

      I also appreciate the feedback about first person – I know it’s not for everyone, and it’s pretty unusual in historical romance. I think if I do this story in third person, it won’t be released as a standard romance – it might be a web series or something. But like I said, posting this at all was an experiment – I don’t know anything about this book except that Christabel and Sebastian will end up together, and that they have a lot of hurdles between them and their HEA :)

  3. Sabrina says:

    I love your books, I’ve read all 3 so far Nick and Ellie love them. Don’t stop writing you are a fabulous writer. The Muses of Mayfair are great, if you can write a book on the twins to I was going to ask about Sebastian but I see he will be with Lady Christabel

  4. Just discovered your books and have now finished the Muses of Mayfair.
    I am trying to locate Duke of Thorns and can’t seem to locate it anywhere.
    I enjoy your books so very much.
    Do keep me posted your future book.
    Thanks for writing…..


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