SCOTSMEN PREFER BLONDES is currently free!

If you still haven’t read SCOTSMEN PREFER BLONDES (the second book in the Muses of Mayfair series), it’s currently free on Google Play, Apple iBooks, and Kobo. It’s also $0.99 on Kindle and Nook if you prefer to read on those platforms – no word yet on whether they’ll choose to drop the price to free as well.

If you want a free preview before downloading a free book, you can check out the first two chapters here. But really, you should just download the book before it goes back up to full price. Or buy someone else’s book if you aren’t inclined to read this one :) Happy reading!


  1. I downloaded the free book from Amazon, I really love free and I seem to be a hopeless romantic (retired, 57 year old science teacher, father of three, etc. – go figure). Seeing that Bloonds was #2 in the series, I purchased #1 and just finished reading it. I loved it, by the way, and after tediously typing this bit out on my Kindle 3, I intend to get to Blonds. I hope in the next books that we learn what was written in the letters that the Duke sent back to his father unopened! I have enjoyed your work and have become a fan. I driven through Iowa several times and wonder what you could see in dreary San Francisco ; ).

    • I see that I do not need a frustrating, little keyboard to incorrectly spell Blondes several times! It’s at moments like these that I abandon texting someone and just call! Though I enjoy Regency stories, I really love modern conviences, web sites among them. When I get hopelessly overwhelmed, my sons and daughter help out old Dad and it gives us a chance to bond, I suppose.

    • Sara Ramsey says:

      Jeff, thank you so much for the kind words and for reading my books! It means a lot, even if I’m hopelessly terrible at catching comments on my blog :( I have an idea for a short novella featuring the letters that Ferguson received from his father, but I don’t know when or whether I’ll get around to writing it – I suspect I will, but it won’t be for a bit.

      As for Iowa vs San Francisco – I really do love them both equally :)

  2. Reading this one now. I think I’ve read this one before but I love it anyways. Going thru the Muses of Mayfair till I get to number 4. Thanks for the great stories!!

  3. I recently started reading your books. I love them!! Heiress without a cause is the first book I have finished front to back in a very long time and im so excited to start reading this one. Thank you for sparking my love of reading again!

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