Coming this month…The Earl Who Played With Fire

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Cover - The Earl Who Played With FireI’ve been woefully absent on the blog of late, since I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Prudence’s book. But I’m thrilled to say that The Earl Who Played With Fire is coming this month! Exact date tbd depending on how the final formatting goes and how long it takes the retailers to put it up, but it should be available before Thanksgiving.

I’m so excited to share Prudence’s story with you. Stay tuned over the next few weeks here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on my newsletter – I’ve got some fun giveaways planned, as well as teaser chapters coming soon. And you’ll want to be the first to know what book is coming after Prudence’s, so watch for FAQs and other announcements.

If you want to get the giveaway party started early, you can leave a comment on the guest blog post I did at Timeless Quills. Or, you can enter for one of ten paperback copies on Goodreads. Check back for more giveaways this weekend!

And finally, here’s the back cover copy to whet your appetite:

A woman courting ruin…

No one would suspect prim, proper Prudence Etchingham of lusting after her best friend’s brother. Nor would anyone guess that she’s responsible for dozens of the best forgeries in London’s antiquities markets. But if her love for Alex is doomed to fail, she must raise enough money to escape the marriage mart. She just needs one last, daring forgery to set herself up for life…

A man evading disaster…

Alex Staunton, the rich Earl of Salford, lives a charmed existence. No one knows that he’s dangerously attracted to his sister’s best friend. Nor has he revealed that he suffers from an ancient curse — one that has given him everything, but prevents him from marrying the woman of his dreams. But when an enemy from his past takes an unseemly interest in Prudence’s future, Alex must find a way to break the curse…or risk losing her forever.

A love they’re destined for…

Every seductive encounter brings them closer together — but their secret, smoldering desires will inevitably burn them. And when Prudence’s illicit forgery collides with Alex’s desperate search, more than their hearts are at stake. Can they break Alex’s curse and save Prudence from her unwanted suitor? Or will their love become a weapon that will destroy them both?


  1. To speak my mind? Hmm, I can not speak right now! I’m waiting, looking forward, biting my nails, entering all possible giveaways,… And above all, I’m so happy, I’ll soon be able to read Prudence’s story! Also, I’m very intrigued which book is coming after Prudence’s!!!
    Thank you so much, Sara! :)

  2. Carla Hundley says:

    I’m looking forward to
    reading this. All have
    been great stories.
    Carla from Utah

  3. This sounds great! I look forward to reading.

  4. Hi! If it’s going to be out in about two weeks, why aren’t we able to pre-order it anywhere? :(

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