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Lord of Deceit coverLord of Deceit, the second book in the Heiress Games series, is coming on June 29, 2016!

I’m thrilled to finally share Rafe and Octavia’s story with you – they’re not quite like any couple I’ve written before, with lots of secrets and scandals to get through before their happily-ever-after. And the house party at Maidenstone Abbey continues to be a riotous affair – you’ll see more of the party, and more of the estate, and more reasons why the Briarleys are generally regarded as one of the most notorious families in Britain.

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Thanks so much for your support! I’m sorry this book has taken longer than expected, and I really appreciate your patience. I hope you enjoy it when it’s finally here!

**note: the Kindle version says that the release date is in early July. This is for technical reasons that probably don’t interest you; rest assured that it will be released the same day that the book is available on other retailers.

From the back cover copy of Lord of Deceit:

Thousands of readers have already fallen in love with the Briarleys — a family known for centuries of sin and scandal, now on the verge of extinction. In LORD OF DECEIT, Octavia Briarley continues the family tradition of revenge while fighting to reclaim her birthright — but in the Heiress Games, love doesn’t always follow the rules…

Rule #1: Never give your heart to a rake…

Octavia Briarley took society by storm during her debut season — until one disastrous night changed everything, and she was forced to become London’s most notorious courtesan. She’s already paid the price for trusting too easily, and she won’t make the same mistake again. But when she finally gets a chance to take revenge against the cousin who betrayed her, Octavia needs a willing partner for her schemes — someone charming, aristocratic, and devilish. The kind of man she might have married, in a different life. And the kind of man she absolutely can’t risk giving her heart to….

Rule #2: Never fall in love with the target…

Lord Rafael Emmerson-Fairhurst survived as a spy in Spain through charm and subterfuge. In London, he uses those same skills to pursue justice against those who are above the law. His next mission is Lord Somerville — Octavia’s former patron. When Octavia asks Rafe to help sabotage her cousin’s house party, he can’t refuse. If he can destroy Somerville by using her…well, Rafe never claimed to be a saint, and he never promised to protect her. But he never expected Octavia to be quite so delightful — or quite so inexperienced, given her bold demands and reckless smile. And falling in love is a mistake he’s never made before….

Rule #3: Never ignore your destiny…

As Rafe and Octavia set out to ruin the most illustrious house party of the summer, they discover that revenge can’t possibly compete with the pleasure they find in each other’s arms. Can an innocent courtesan and a broken charmer risk losing everything they ever wanted to seize the love they never expected to find?