The Heiress Games series is about the last three Briarley heiresses. This family was so much fun to write - the Briarleys have been causing scandals and murder for centuries, and the final three women are just as daring as their ancestors. Click the covers above to learn more!

The Muses of Mayfair series features four women as they navigate romance, friendship, and secret artistic passions. It's set in 1812-13, ranging from the glamorous ballrooms and theatres of London to castles in the Highlands and reckless house parties in the English countryside.

Reviewers have called the Muses of Mayfair series "a rollicking riot of misadventure for four unconventional women" ( The Romance Reviews said, "The world of the ton with the balls and costumes is beautifully written and makes readers feel they're part of the scenes. But the best part of this novel is the complex characters and their relationships with each other."


All books can be read in any order, although there are minor spoilers if you start with a later book. There is also some overlap between the Muses of Mayfair and the Heiress Games, since characters from the earlier books appear in the second series - but you can definitely start with Duke of Thorns if you want to read the Heiress Games first. Happy reading!